Teacher Training workshops are primarily designed to assist teachers in methods and techniques of incorporating the arts into the standard school curriculum. Teachers can be more successful by applying TOHYF teaching methods and skills to almost every subject area such as math, language arts, social studies and the sciences. As a result, student performance has improved significantly in all course work.

Each participant receives instruction that includes theoretical approaches, skill and technique building, and performance development from a professionally trained, culturally diverse Theatre Of Hearts/Youth First Artist/Mentor. Educators receive first-hand instruction in the process of making art and how this process can become an integral part of their teaching strategy. TOHYF artist-mentors will teach methods of integrating aspects of the California State Standards of the Arts into their curriculum.

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Sample Teacher Training Programs

Full STEAM Ahead: Integrating Arts With Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Disciplines

The “America Competes Act”, also known as the STEM initiative for Science Technology Engineering and Math, was signed into law in 2008.  Since then, teachers have discovered what executives, industrialists and scientists already know: “We need STEAM, not just STEM” — Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math — to ensure that youth can compete in the new economy of tomorrow by combining knowledge with creativity and imagination. Our STEAM Teacher Program shows educators how they can boost overall academic achievement by integrating the arts into “hard” school subjects to promote critical thinking and innovation, potentially raising students’ grade averages by as much as 20 points in math and science, as well as English, history and other subjects. For more details about this program and the STEM initiative for Science Technology Engineering and Math, click HERE to send us an email or call 213-384-6878.

The following Theatre of Hearts/Youth First workshops can be adapted for Teacher Training/Professional Development:

Unmasking the Mysteries of Theatre
A professional actor Artist/Mentor will work with the teacher and students to deconstruct one culturally specific play, using a hands-on approach. The teacher and students will be taught the skills to produce the play, and other theatrical productions, within their classroom. The actor Artist/Mentor will discuss the fundamentals and language of theatre, giving the teachers a strong theatre vocabulary. The group will be lead in a series of effective, hands-on theatre exercises and games emphasizing improvisation, character development, and voice projection that can motivate students of all ages.

Dance With Your Shoes On
Professionally-trained dancer Artist/Mentor will teach two culturally specific dances using easy rhythmic and choreographic tools that teachers can teach to their students. Learn the fundamentals of dance such as the uses of the body i.e.: anatomy, breathing, posture and the concepts of space and pattern through rhythmic and breathing exercises. The dancer Artist/Mentor will actively teach the technical terms used in the dance field to give the teachers the vocabulary and tools to confidently pass on to the students.

Put Your Colors On the Line
Professionally trained visual Artist/Mentor will teach a variety of mediums such as drawing, collages, painting and 3-dimensional sculpture with the goal of making the learning process relevant and exciting for students of all ages. Participants will learn how to use various art materials within their classrooms to communicate specific ideas and concepts. The Artist/Mentor will guide the participants through two hands-on projects designed for easy execution in the classroom curriculum. Emphasis will be on skill building as well as creating a fine art piece applicable to all curriculums with quality materials.

Finding The Voices In Your Classroom
Professional singer/songwriter Artist/Mentor teaches three culturally diverse songs with a strong rhythmic feel that can be sung with children a cappella compassing the folk, modern and traditional genres. The teachers are introduced to the songs, key geographical areas, and are provided with the background on the music. The singer/song writer will give an overview of terms and various notes and singing patterns used in chorale singing and give the teachers the tools to show the students how to write and sing their own songs.

Around the World Through Words and Theatre
A professional poet/writer introduces creative writing and a variety of poetic forms that they can use to express everything from a light-hearted moment to a profound universal truth. Discover the precision and beauty of language presented in the spoken word.

Using Tales To Teach
Storytelling can be a powerful tool for teachers. Just as children tend to remember music lyrics and rap, they also tend to remember lessons embedded in stories. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of storytelling and how to integrate this tool into your curriculum, enhancing information retention for students. Storytelling can be used in conjunction with any course of study: Math, History, English, Science, etc. A well-told story will stimulate the minds and imaginations of your students and even prompt them to ask questions!

If you wish us to contact you to custom design a Teacher Training/Professional Development Program for your faculty, email us HERE.